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Prevention Specialist

Well, hello there! Thank you for exploring my site today. I go by Dr. Faith and have a Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief, along with years of experience working with individuals, couples, families, and institutions as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in Hawaii and Florida. Because trauma impacts our minds, bodies, souls, and relationships I believe in holistic wellness and am a Somatic Trauma Healing Practitioner. All of my programs, education, and speaking engagements at formal and informal institutions take the mind, body, soul, and sociocultural history into account when addressing trauma. I absolutely love supporting informal institutions such as marriages and families, and have created culturally appropriate offerings using holistic approaches specific to their values and needs. 


Agencies enlist my services when they need support developing and executing prevention and response policies and practices because there has been a rift in organizational integrity due to unaddressed power-based trauma that has led to suffering victims, lawsuits, retaliation, attrition, and/or low morale. I facilitate and open opportunities for agencies to embody their institutional equity practices that keep all employees, co-workers, clients, and the community emotionally and physically safe. By doing so, agencies not only have written policies that prevents harm, but they adamantly adhere to their core values creating a culture of principled leaders. Lastly, I teach agencies how to build workplace trust and prevent institutional betrayal by using equitable and relational-cultural practices that end power-based traumas such as sexual assault, sexual and workplace harassment, and intimate partner violence. If you want to be one of the institutions that attack power-based trauma head-on, I’d be honored to work with you!




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We help institutions create a culture where individuals feel safe from power-based trauma.




We believe in institutions that prioritize protecting individuals, principled leadership, and equitable practices. 

Speaking Engagements & Collective Care


My speaking, consulting, and education methods are interactive and somatic, and guaranteed not to put anyone to sleep! Contact me to explore the support your agency needs on any of the following topics. I look forward to collaborating with you!


In-person  and online speaking, training, education, or retreat engagements. See Signature Talks here. Available for single and multiple day events.  Please click the link below to complete the form with details of your request and you will receive a response within 48-72 hours.

Professional Collective Care

Trauma-informed external group supervision for helping professionals, human service professionals, and public safety professionals in the state of Hawaii ONLY.  Please click the link below to complete the form with details of your request and you will receive a response within 48-72 hours. 

Online Consulting Programs

Licensed proprietary programs for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, education institutions and non-profit organizations. Programs promote systemic, trauma-informed, and relational-cultural

solutions to address and prevent power-based trauma in the workplace and at home. Click the link below for more information. 


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