So we don't have another generation of trauma passing itself off as culture.

Unaddressed issues from childhood sexual abuse, husband struggling with porn addiction, confusion about my spiritual identity, workaholism to manage anxiety, overwhelmed with the added role as caretaker of a 100% disabled veteran…yep, been there, done that. Until the day came that I decided to stop being the victim and choose healing. It was not my fault that horrible things happened to me in my past, but it was my decision to heal from those things and not let it control my life, my choices, and my relationships.


My marriage didn’t heal me. My numerous degrees and professional license didn’t heal me. My career accolades didn’t heal me. The decision to do more than just survive in life healed me. I’m a loving, peaceful, confident, determined and goofy woman! Knowing who I am as a woman helped me set clear boundaries in my life that communicated to people what I will and will not tolerate. Since then, my husband has overcome his porn addiction. I actively participated in counseling and recovered from anxiety and panic attacks. And, I do more than just survive in life…I thrive! Healing isn’t a one-time event, it’s an ongoing journey.


I believe in holistic healing…healing mind, body, soul, and spirit. Because of this, I have several options available to help support your healing journey. Take a look around my site and see what fits your needs. Thank you so much for visiting my community. I hope to talk to you soon! Peace and Love to you. 


Faith Joyner, Relational Trauma Recovery Counselor 

Healing is here.

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A safe space for women who share the same life experiences to connect, grow, and have fun!

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Listen to the For Love Only: Courageous Conversations Podcast to learn how to redefine love on your terms!

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Discover the secret weapon to a happier life and relationships. 

Trauma Recovery

Heal from intergenerational, cultural betrayal, and relational trauma.



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