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Dr. Faith Joyner



Photo Credit: Taimane Kini


Safe Spaces

My name is Dr. Faith Joyner, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (LMFT), and I am a Trauma & Disaster Relief Consultant. I have an A.A.S. in Human Resource Management, B.S. in Psychology, M.A. in Marriage & Family Counseling, and I received my Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief from Northcentral University. I have 21 years of experience creating systemic, departmental, and social programs. In the U.S. Air Force, I created a one-stop in-processing initiative that led to earning an ”Excellent” rating during our annual unit compliance inspection. I also co-created our Squadron’s leave and subsidence in kind programs which led to “Best Managed Fighter Wing” by comptroller squadron. Furthermore, in the military is where I discovered my passion to advocate for sexual assault survivors while on the Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) and have been doing so for 17 years now. I separated from the Air Force with an honorable discharge and over a dozen awards, medals, and ribbons for my leadership and teamwork. Lastly, after the military I went on to create and implement systems and programs at a Fortune 500 company and non-profit organizations.


My 13 years of experience as a couples and family therapist created a space for me to build and support programs and systems inside of informal institutions such as marriages and families. I developed power-based trauma prevention and intervention programs that were rooted in equitable and relational-cultural practices. My workshops, conference, and retreats use trauma-informed, relational-cultural, intersectional, and somatic frameworks to help hundreds of domestic violence victims leave abusive relationships and heal from them, sexual trauma survivors discover their authentic selves and feel safe in their bodies, and couples restore trust and compassionately “see” each other after relational strife.


I thrive in creating and supporting systems and programs that promote innovation, compliance, competent training, equity, and relational-cultural practices. I enjoy helping formal and informal institutions live in harmony, justice, and love. Love is not solely the traditional patriarchal romantic idea. But bell hooks expresses that, a love ethic presupposes that everyone has the right to be free, to live fully and well...without justice there can be no loveI am committed to creating and cultivating safe spaces because I have love for myself, love for my family, love for my community, love for my country, and love for the world. 

There are many teachers, philosophers, researchers, and healers who influence my work. Although I have not met all of my teachers, they have made a lasting impact on my life, my work, and my unique medicine. I am truly grateful for them. In the field of Liberation, bell hooks, and Stephanie Perry; Relational Cultural Therapy, Dr. Jean Baker Miller and Dr. Maureen Walker; Betrayal Trauma Theory & Institutional Betrayal, Dr. Jennifer Freyd; Cultural Betrayal Trauma Theory, Dr. Jennifer M. Gómez; Somatic and Embodied Therapy & Coaching, Celeste Meyer, LPC, LMHC, Linda Thai, LMSW, and Bernadette Pleasant; Ending Gender-Based Violence, Rosa Parks, bell hooks, Anita Hill, and women all over the world on the front lines risking their lives for true freedom, equality, and equity. Lastly, some of my work has been shaped by my relationship and partnership with my husband, Jamahl. The reciprocity in our partnership has brought much healing to me as a woman and practitioner. I deeply appreciate our intellectually stimulating and courageous conversations as they provide a safe space for me to express myself and grow. I am forever grateful.  


Photo Credit: Taimane Kini

Who is Dr. Faith?

I am a human being first. I experience challenges and I experience pleasure. There are many parts to me (emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.) and I give myself permission to explore all parts of myself. 

I am a woman who is on a personal life-long journey of re-indigenizing my mindset and practices from colonial, patriarchal culture. I am committed to truth even if the truth causes loss. My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and green. Practicing Earth Medicine and sitting on the beach grounds me and are sources of delight for me. I prefer tea over coffee. My favorite cocktail is the Lemon Drop.

I am a life partner who's been married to the love of my life, Jamahl, for 18 years. We met in Germany when both of us were serving in the Air Force. We value peace, integrity, and fun. We love traveling and trying new and different cuisines. Jamahl's more adventurous than me!

I am a healer and change agent. I truly believe in my heart that I cannot give what I don't have so all of the work I do with individuals and institutions starts with me first. I am an active participant in my healing journey and am committed to my growth as much as I am committed to the growth and transformation of the people and institutions I serve. I believe that showing up with curiosity, compassion, and courage is a gift and I support and collaborate with others to allow these characteristics to flow in our systems, methods, and policies that are impacting and influencing people. Some of my work is inspired by the incomparable bell hooks and believe in her idea that our nation has the capacity to live by a love ethic that would change our culture paradigm for the good of the collective. 

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