Dr. Faith Joyner



Photo Credit: Taimane Kini


Safe Space?

Within educational, mental health, medical, corporate and government departments, organizations, and institutions around the country, power-based traumas — occur at alarmingly high rates. Many of these cases are not reported because survivors are afraid of the consequences and the stigma. Those who choose to report what happened to them often feel that the response they receive is insufficient and that they are left to deal with their trauma and fear alone. The inability to face challenges like these causes survivors additional pain and erodes the integrity of your institution. 


My name is Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT and I am a United States Air Force veteran with a Ph.D. in Trauma and Disaster Relief. I develop power-based trauma prevention and intervention programs that are rooted in equitable and relational-cultural practices. I use trauma-informed, relational-cultural, intersectional, and somatic frameworks to help restore workplace trust which leads to measurable success that saves time and money, while simultaneously preventing burnout. I will research the climate in your institution and the specific challenges that you face, and I will develop an innovative prevention and intervention program that suits the needs of your organization and your community. All of my programs will meet your specific federal requirements. I will also train the professionals in your institution on how to help survivors of workplace harassment, sexual assault and intimate partner violence recover from the trauma.




The program I will create for you will help you empower survivors to report cases of power-based trauma, and will provide your staff with a roadmap of how to respond to such reports. The prevention strategies from the program will help you decrease, or eradicate altogether, such cases in your institution. All of my programs will also meet the specific federal mandates for power-based trauma training and responding to complaints. 


Once your needs are accessed, I will use a systemic and collaborative process that allows me to tailor an innovative and custom-made program centered around your needs. These unique programs empower agencies to take a proactive and sustainable approach to mitigate incidents of trauma and betrayal. These programs will also impel recruitment, retention, morale, and camaraderie of the organization.  

Take the first step to transforming your institution into a place where individuals feel safe and protected. Build a culture of trust and support and watch your community work and serve with renewed energy and faith in your leadership!


Photo Credit: Taimane Kini

Who is Dr. Faith?

I am a human being first. I experience challenges and I experience pleasure. There are many parts to me (emotionally, physically, spiritually, etc.) and I give myself permission to explore all parts of myself. 

I am a woman who is on a personal life-long journey of decolonizing my mindset from colonial, patriarchal culture. I am committed to truth even if the truth causes loss. My favorite colors are yellow, blue, and green. Practicing herbal and plant medicines and going to the beach grounds me and are sources of delight for me. I prefer tea over coffee. My favorite cocktail is the Lemon Drop.

I am a life partner who's been married to the love of my life, Jamahl, for 18 years. We met in Germany when both of us were serving in the Air Force. We value peace, integrity, and fun. We love traveling and trying new and different cuisines. Jamahl's more adventurous than me!

I am a healer and change agent. I truly believe in my heart that I cannot give what I don't have so all of the work I do with individuals and institutions starts with me first. I am an active participant in my healing journey and am committed to my growth as much as I am committed to the growth and transformation of the people and institutions I serve. I believe that showing up with curiosity, compassion, and courage is a gift and I support and collaborate with others to allow these characteristics to flow in our systems, methods, and policies that are impacting and influencing people. I am a huge fan of bell hooks and believe in her idea that our nation has the capacity to live by a love ethic that would change our culture paradigm for the good of the collective.