About Me

The truth is majority of us have experienced some form of trauma or are in a romantic relationship with someone who has experienced some form of trauma. It truly does impact us to our core. Our decisions, our behaviors, our thinking patterns, etc. Due to the childhood sexual abuse I experienced, I made several mistakes when it came to the romance department. I married my first husband at 18 and it was disastrous...for the both of us. I wasn't a good wife. He wasn't a good husband. We didn't know how to be good to each other due to the trauma both of us experienced in our childhood (his trauma was different from mine). Divorce was inevitable and one of the BEST decisions I ever made for myself. Thankfully, when I started my healing journey at 20 and decided to make better decisions when it came to men, Jamahl entered my world. My healing made room for my ability to love and be loved. 

If you heard any of our podcast episodes together then you know we've been through a lot throughout our 16 years of marriage. Jamahl came with his own set of trauma (separate from mine as well). But healing preserved us as individuals and as a couple. We have a happy and thriving relationship because we both chose individuals who were on their own separate healing journey. We don't just talk about this life...we live this life. Remember, healing isn't a one-time event, it's an ongoing journey. 

I am more than my husband’s wife. I’m more than my clients’ counselor & coach. I’m more than my degrees. Because if you take all of that away, I’m still the wonderfulness that is Faith. I am a woman full of life. I love chocolate, traveling, Restorative Yoga, and 90’s Hip Hop and R&B.


I help people rediscover their identity; learn how to stop settling for less; heal from emotional baggage that has weighed them down; assertively communicate their needs; remove themselves from toxic relationships; gain clarity and confidence; and so much more.  


One of my purposes in life is to support you on your healing journey because I believe you deserve to thrive too! Hope to see you soon!

Faith Joyner

Relational Trauma Recovery Counselor



I help government and civilian agencies create and maintain a thriving culture of gender equity and communal accountability through relational and embodied coaching and practices. My presentations are interactive and guaranteed not to put anyone to sleep! Noteworthy topics include: 

  • Recovering from Personal and Professional Burnout

  • Replenishing Your Life After Secondary Traumatic Stress & Compassion Fatigue

  • Supporting Survivors of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 

  • Interpersonal Violence Bystander Prevention and Intervention Training 

  • Genuine Gender Equity in the Workplace 

  • Healing from Cultural Betrayal 

  • Key Components of Advocating for Sexual Assault Survivors 

  • Subtle Signs of Emotional and Verbal Abuse

  • Caregiver Stress & Relief

Women Empowerment Events

Relieving, happy, informative, empowering, refreshing, necessary, relaxing...are just a few words used to describe my women empowerment events from my guests. I believe that when we make a commitment to our personal development all of our relationships will transform. I create a safe environment to discuss the unique challenges that we face as women. Tools are given to encourage inner healing and we have such a wonderful time together! My events are interactive with group activities, solution-focused exercises, embodied practices, and role playing. I can adapt the talk to whatever topic you need about family, romantic relationships, boundaries, inner healing, domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma recovery and empowerment. 

Relationship Events

As a Marriage Counselor & Coach, I know how to help relationships thrive and have helped thousands of couples do this over the past 11 years. I provide thought-provoking and transformative presentations aimed at strengthening, improving, and healing both the individual and relationship life. Couples walk away with an understanding of why they do what they do and how to change their thinking. I use humor, professional experiences and personal anecdotes from my 16 year marriage to provide a nonjudgmental and safe atmosphere. Worksheets, experiential exercises, and embodied practices are used to identify emotions and develop new relationship skills. Lastly, couples from ALL sexual orientations are empowered and motivated to rekindle the fire that brought them together.