Building A Culture of Collective Care

"We can't self-care our way out of systemic oppression. It's possible to usher in a love ethic, indigenous wisdom, and collective wellness in our organizations to prevent institutional betrayal."

-Dr. Faith 


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Professional Collective Care

Trauma-informed & relational cultural group support for helping professionals, human service professionals, and public safety professionals. Services are provided outside your place of business similar to external supervision or consultation. Get on waitlist for next virtual session in September 2022. For professionals working in the state of Hawaii only. 

Corporate/Group Retreats

Corporate & group retreats for power-based trauma prevention and intervention education, training, and consultation. Services are provided outside your place of business. 

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The Curious Leader Membership Podcast

This virtual professional membership is for civilian and government agencies (including private practices and non-profits) that support power-based trauma survivors who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner abuse.