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Join my guests and I, as we're redefining love on our own terms and investing in our emotional legacy by discussing hot button relationship topics!


This platform is for you if:

  • You're a woman looking to disrupt the systemic oppressive patterns of sexism and misogynoir in your sphere of influence 

  • You're a woman who believes gender equity is imperative and beneficial for all people

  • You're a woman who is motivated to heal from intergenerational, cultural betrayal, and/or racial trauma

  • You're a woman who wants to know how to deal with difficult, dysfunctional, or estranged family members

  • You're a woman who has a challenging time developing or maintaining friendships

  • You're a woman who's partner has betrayed you by committing any of the 4 A's (Abuse, Affair, Addiction, Abandonment)

  • You're a woman inspired to cultivate mutually beneficial relationships within the 4 Anchors of Love

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I Dare You to Heal!



"Every woman who heals herself, heals her children's children." -Liezel Graham

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Online Course Testimonials

"I just want to take a moment to say thank you so much for helping me.  I signed up for your online course A Woman's Healing, because my spouse is dealing with an addiction right now.  But as I took the course I came to a very heavy but necessary realization that I am in an emotionally abusive relationship. I knew he had issues but I never realized what was happening to me. I didn’t understand why every time I looked at myself in the mirror I felt so ugly. I would never have known what was really going on, why I was feeling that way, and that this all started way before the addiction (from the beginning of our relationship basically).  I thank you so much for opening my eyes!  Now I can finally take the steps I need to get my life back for me and my daughter. Hearing the truth is one of the hardest things I’ve had to hear, but feeling empowered again is so worth it.  So from the bottom of my heart thank you for what you do!  I’m so grateful there is someone like you out there empowering women and helping them to find their voice!"-"A Woman's Healing" Online Course Client