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The Mission

I help women understand their power to create and maintain thriving relationships by redefining love on their terms. 

The Purpose

To provide the essential tools women need in order to pass down a legacy of flourishing emotional well-being; and provide a safe space where they can learn how to genuinely enjoy their relationships. 


For Love Only: 


Join my guests and I, as we're redefining love on our own terms and investing in our emotional legacy by discussing hot button relationship topics!


This platform is for you if:

  • You're a single successful professional woman who often finds herself in toxic relationships; especially with emotionally unavailable men

  • You're a divorced woman who is healing from the heartbreak of a broken marriage

  • You're a mother who has lost yourself in your children and is struggling to stand in your own identity 

  • You're a wife who's husband has betrayed you by committing any of the 3 A's (Abuse, Affair, Addiction)

  • You're a widow who is learning how to open yourself up to love again

  • You're a woman who desires to create and maintain a thriving romantic relationship

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I Dare You to Heal!



"Every woman who heals herself, heals her children's children." -Liezel Graham

Invest in your emotional legacy by taking my online-self paced courses.