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Ending Power-Based Trauma Through Love for Ourselves, Love for Our Community, & Love for Our Country

Love is not solely the traditional patriarchal romantic idea. But bell hooks expresses that, a love ethic presupposes that everyone has the right to be free, to live fully and well...without justice there can be no love. 



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I value equity, communal accountability, and individual and collective healing. And I love working with organizations who value the same qualities! At my retreats, we're not performing trust falls or obstacle courses but we're authentically and compassionately connecting with one another to build workplace trust by creating workplace culture and practices that foster psychological well-being for your employees, co-workers, and the communities you serve. Retreat topics can be custom-designed to fit the needs of your organization. Feel free to send me an email to ensure we're available during the dates you desire before your consultation call. Lastly, I take care of all of the planning for you, just provide the dates, number of participants, and retreat topic. Me and my team will curate a transformative experience for your team. Meet me in beautiful Hawaii to experience an interactive, intuitive, relaxing, and embodied retreat while enjoying Mother Nature, nourishing meals, restorative practices, and the company of each other!




Healing Retreat for Helping Professionals


"Flirt with Life Healing Retreat"

For helping professionals and leaders who work in high-stress and trauma-exposed fields and are burnt out. You will discover: 


  • The difference between vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue, moral injury, and burnout

  • How to heal without disconnecting from meaningful people and community in your life

  • How to embrace pleasure and activate your play practice

  • Ways to connect with Mother Nature that will prevent burnout

  • Energy work/healing as a practice that fits your lifestyle

  • Embodying a Love Ethic (as proposed by bell hooks) in our professions to prevent institutional betrayal

  • And MORE!

Communal Healing After Institutional Betrayal


"Healing the Core: More than just an Apology"

A Train-the-Trainer retreat for helping professionals working to prevent power-based trauma. This retreat is also for agencies where institutional betrayal has taken place and the community is in need of healing, accountability, transparency, and justice. You will discover:

  • The definition of institutional betrayal and various examples of how this can occur in organizations

  • Courageous ways to heal institutional betrayal

  • How to create and follow through on equitable and relational-cultural policies and practices

  • Practical industrial/organizational (I/O) consulting solutions for work and community transitions

  • How to cultivate a culture that prioritizes equity, integrity, nonviolence, and love (as envisioned by extraordinary leaders such as bell hooks, Coretta Scott King, & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. )

  • Embodying a Love Ethic (as proposed by bell hooks) in our professions to prevent institutional betrayal

  • And MORE!

Pathways for Healing Sexual Trauma


"A Sacred Pause"

A Train-the Trainer retreat for helping professionals who support sexual trauma survivors and are interested in somatic and embodied approaches. You will discover: 

  • Why these practices can be more helpful than talk therapy

  • Culturally relevant practices used to support marginalized communities who experience pervasive threats 

  • The significance of helping clients release traumatic stress stuck in their nervous system due to organic and survival reflexes

  • Understanding practical and accessible emotional self-regulation and co-regulation practices, even in the midst of a crisis

  • Embodying a Love Ethic (as proposed by bell hooks) in our professions to prevent institutional betrayal

  • And MORE!

Redefining the Dynamics of Black American Women's Romantic Relationships


"The Reciprocity of Romantic Energy"

A Train-the-Trainer retreat for helping professional who support Black American Women who are survivors of the 4 A's (Abuse, Addiction, Affair, Abandonment) in their romantic relationships. Based on Dr. Faith Joyner's research. You will discover: 

  • The history of misogynoir, sexual oppression, and the "code of silence" in Black women's romantic relationships

  • Reliable and valid research on how Black women experience a lack of emotional support from their romantic partners and best practices on how to improve their situation

  • Culturally relevant ways to safely and compassionately address how false generational narratives sociocultural factors, racial stereotypes, colonized and patriarchal influences impact Black American romantic relationships

  • Effective business practices that help the community you serve while also supporting your needs

  • Embodying a Love Ethic (as proposed by bell hooks) in our professions to prevent institutional betrayal

  • And MORE!



  • Therapists, Social Workers, & Other Mental Health Professionals

  • Psychologists & Psychiatrists

  • Forensic Interviewers & Child Abuse/Neglect Investigators 

  • Researchers & Other Academic Professionals

  • Title IX  Directors & Coordinators

  • Military Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Coordinators 

  • College Students, Residents, & Fellows

  • Public School Principals, Teachers, and Counselors

  • Domestic Violence/Sexual Trauma Shelter & Outreach Advocates

  • Child Advocacy Specialists

  • DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Specialists

  • Human Resource Specialists

  • Community Leaders, Coaches & Other Interventionists

  • Primary Care Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, & Pharmacists

  • Journalists

  • Military Veterans & First Responders

  • Federal & NATO Employees

  • Judges & Attorneys

  • Politicians

  • If interested and don't see your profession on this list, send an email to confirm

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