The Truth about Love

Training & Retreat

Join Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT, Egalitarian Relationship Researcher & Consultant in beautiful Hawaii as she takes you on a journey of discovering how to support Black American women who experience severe emotional neglect in their romantic relationships. This training is for educational, mental health, and government agencies (including private practices and non-profits). Dr. Faith uses the Train the Trainer model for this certification so that your entire agency will be thoroughly informed on how to support Black American women's relational well-being. 


Based on Dr. Faith's qualitative research titled, Black American Women’s Lived Experiences of the Lack of Emotional Support from their Romantic Partners. You will discover:

  • The history of misogynoir and sexual oppression of Black American women

  • The history of inequity and the "code of silence" in Black American women's romantic relationships

  • Why Black American women have lower marital rates, lower rates of marital satisfaction, higher rates of singleness and higher rates of separation and divorce.

  • Reliable and valid research on how Black American women experience a lack of emotional support from their romantic partners and best practices on how to improve their situation.

  • Culturally relevant ways to safely address how false generational narratives, historic and present sociocultural factors, racial stereotypes, colonized and patriarchal influences, and systemic discrimination impact Black American romantic relationships.

  • How to use the Relational Cultural Theory (RCT) framework to support Black American women’s culturally relevant, individualized recovery plan to build confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, and interdependence; even if that means Black American women would like to find healing opportunities outside of talk therapy.

  • The importance of embodied practices to recover from trauma