You may not be Superwoman, but you do have Superpowers. Often superpowers are equated with traits like invisibility or super human strength, but this book introduces the reader to a different type of superpower. Seven wives will introduce you to how their personal Superpower helped them get attention, love and affection from their husbands – the three things that every wife desires. 


A Wife’s Superpowers are the unique skills and personal strengths she innately possesses that gives her the ability to experience her husband’s heart like no one else can. These skills and strengths create safety, support, accountability, and trust in a way that will and can transform her marriage.


When you operate with your Superpower, your husband values your input and is naturally and consistently drawn to you to fulfill your needs. This is NOT manipulation or control, but positive influence and energy used for the good of the marriage.


In A Wife’s Superpower, you will discover how to engage your husband as well as how to enhance your strengths as a woman and a wife. In this book, you will be inspired by 7 stories giving practical examples of how to use the following Superpowers:

•          Communication

•          Introspection

•          Vulnerability

•          Intuition

•          Identity

•          Silliness

•          Encouragement


Whether you’re hopelessly married and could use some help, or happily married looking to build an even stronger marriage, this book is for you!

A Wife's Superpower Book

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