Facilitated by Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT, Egalitarian Relationship Researcher & Consultant, and co-facilitated by Jamahl Joyner, Gender Equity Consultant, this virtual professional membership is for educational, mental health, and government agencies (including private practices and non-profits) who support sexual assault survivors, work place harassment survivors and intimate partner abuse survivors. Our trainings are trauma-informed, decolonized, intuitive, embodied, and relational. These trainings aren't ideas that can be intellectualized. After all, having knowledge of something doesn't bring transformation. But being a Curious Healer means that we have the courage to be an active participant in our own healing journey so that we embody the decolonized wisdom, holistic healing, and equitable practices we present to our clients, employees, and community. As a member, you will be invited to: 

  • Call forth courage to deal with hurtful truths concerning systemic oppression rooted in our professions

  • Create systemic culturally relevant solutions that promote equity, rest, and interdependence

  • Discover the clarity of staying connected to your decolonized values and authenticity so you can establish genuine and mutually beneficial professional relationships and partnerships

  • Contribute to a community of like-minded Truth Tellers, Disruptors and Change Agents who prioritize equity, integrity and community care

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