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Showing up with curiosity, compassion, and courage is a gift.-Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT

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As a leader, have you ever sat across from someone and listened to them while they shared a personal and traumatic experience with you? Have you ever wished there was more you could do to support them? If so, pay close attention because what the Curious Leader membership is offering today could change the outcomes of many lives from this moment forward.

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Facilitated by Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT, Trauma & Disaster Relief Consultant, this virtual professional membership is for civilian and government agencies (including private practices and non-profits) that support power-based trauma survivors who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner abuse. 

Our training is trauma-informed, intuitive, embodied, and relational. Years of development and practice have allowed us to create opportunities for professional agencies to bridge the gap between an intellectualized knowledge of sexual assault and harassment survivors and the support they need from their professional community. Knowledge of something doesn't bring transformation but being a Curious Leader means that we use all of our intelligences and have the courage to:


(a) think critically about structural oppression that creates ongoing power-based traumas such as sexual assault and sexual harassment

(b) transform our agency’s culture that covertly and/or overtly perpetuates power-based traumas such as sexual assault and sexual harassment

(c) impartially hold institutions and harm doers accountable for their actions

(d) compassionately respond to survivors with an intersectional and trauma-informed lens

(e) be an active participant in our own healing journey so that we embody the relational-cultural wisdom, holistic healing, and equitable practices we present to our clients, employees, and community

If this is striking a chord keep reading. As a member, your agency will be invited to: 

  • Call forth courage to prevent institutional betrayal and deal with hurtful truths concerning systemic oppression rooted in our professions

  • Create systemic sociocultural relevant solutions that acknowledge intersectionality and promote equity, justice, interdependence, and rest

  • Actively prioritize, contribute to, and support your leadership team’s equity concepts and practices for equity strategic planning and implementation

  • Commit to a lifelong journey of unlearning oppressive ways of being that impact our wellbeing and the wellbeing of other human beings

  • Cultivate a culture that prioritizes equity, integrity, nonviolence, and love (as envisioned by extraordinary leaders such as bell hooks, Coretta Scott King, & Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

How does this work in real-life scenarios?

Agencies join our membership when they need support developing and executing prevention and response policies and practices because there has been a rift in organizational integrity due to unaddressed power-based trauma that has led to suffering victims, lawsuits, attrition, and/or low morale. We facilitate and open opportunities for agencies to embody their institutional equity practices that keep all employees, co-workers, clients, and the community emotionally and physically safe.

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Here’s how The Curious Leader Membership can systemically transform your agency:

  • Reduction in suffering victims which leads to emotionally and physically safe workplaces and culture

  • Reduction in lawsuits in which the agency pays out damages and attorney’s fees

  • Reduction in bringing your agency’s culture and integrity into question

  • Reduction in attrition which leads to low morale and overworked employees

  • Increase in anti-oppressive policies and practices for the common good of employees, co-workers, clients, and community no matter the race, religion, color, social or ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy (including childbirth and related medical conditions), age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, marital status, veteran status, or any other status protected by local, state, or federal laws.



What’s included in The Curious Leader membership?

  • Research-based embodied training and consultations delivered via private audio and video podcast. 2 episodes per month from 30-90 minutes.

  • PDF worksheets to complete with your team (or complete by yourself if you’re in private practice)

  • Monthly recorded video answers to your questions regarding the training topic

  • Captioning and written transcription are available for those who need it

  • Official certificates once you’ve completed a training

  • Discounts on The Curious Leader Retreat in Hawaii, conferences, and online courses


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Advantages of a Private Podcast

  • Get knowledge and embodied practices to your team wherever they are in order to increase connection to self and others, and make the best decisions for power-based trauma cases

  • Share subject-matter knowledge on the go

  • Secure login and settings

  • Conveniently play podcast episodes at any time

  • Accessible on iPhone and Android apps with online listening options

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Every time an agency intentionally implements these practices and policies into their organization there is a significant and positive change in the organization. When people are heard and effectively supported the impact this makes on morale and culture is exponential.-Dr. Faith Joyner, LMFT

You have questions? We have answers!

Q: What is The Curious Leader membership?

A: The Curious Leadership Membership is an monthly online subscription that provides research-based embodied trainings and consultations that help agencies create and implement sociocultural relevant prevention and response practices and equitable policies for power-based trauma survivors. Implementing these practices and policies will create an emotionally and physically safe culture.

Q: What is power-based trauma? 

A: After thousands of hours of research and working with survivors of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and intimate partner violence, I decided to define these acts in a way that describes the systemic issues that cause such harm. I call them power-based traumas. I define power-based trauma as the use of status, resources, interactions, or influence to dominate, exploit, and/or control a human being causing negative physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and/or sexual consequences in their life. My definition is based on the embedded power dynamics and inequities that originated from colonizers' behaviors and ideas that are still operating today. These behaviors and ideas such as rationalizing, denying, and/or ignoring the systemic abuse, discrimination, and oppression of girls and women, have accrued over centuries, and are upheld by systems such as institutions, laws, and social norms. Furthermore, racialized people and communities who have been historically marginalized suffer from power-based traumas at disproportionate rates. 


Q: Who is The Curious Leader membership for?

A: Agencies that support power-based trauma survivors such as colleges and universities that have reports of sexual assault or sexual harassment perpetrated against students or faculty. Also, military bases that have reports of sexual assault or sexual harassment perpetrated against service members. These incidents did not have to happen on the campus to be considered sexual assault or harassment. Moreover, HR and DEI departments at corporate, non-profit, or government agencies who train on and handle sexual assault and harassment cases will find this membership beneficial. Lastly, agencies who counsel or consult survivors or investigate claims may also join the membership. Agencies that may join this membership include but are not limited to:

  • government agencies (including political, federal, and NATO agencies)

  • civilian corporations

  • criminal justice agencies

  • educational institutions

  • mental health agencies (including private practice)

  • community outreach and service organizations (including non-profits)

  • social justice agencies

  • hospitals

  • law firms

  • mass media and communication

  • sports agencies

  • first responder agencies

  • religious organizations


Q: How often is the investment paid for this membership and how much is it?

A: Each agency makes a quarterly investment for The Curious Leader membership. There is a quarterly investment of $297.00 for for-profit agencies and $267.00 for non-profit agencies. This means that a total of $297.00 or $267.00 will be deducted from your agency’s business account once a quarter (every 3 months). 


Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?

A: Yes. Although we’ll be sad to see you leave, we understand. Your membership will stand until the end of the current quarterly billing cycle. Once the quarterly billing cycle ends, you will no longer have access to The Curious Leader membership, its contents, or discounts.


Q. Once I cancel, is my investment refundable?

A. No, there are no refunds or transfers for our membership. When you cancel, your membership will stand until the end of the current quarterly billing cycle. Once the quarterly billing cycle ends, your automatic deductions will cease.


Q: What model is used for The Curious Leader membership?

A: Dr. Faith uses the Train the Trainer model as her training strategy. The subject matter expert or master trainer at your agency can listen to and participate in the training facilitated by Dr. Faith and Jamahl Joyner and then return with the knowledge and embodied practices to train the rest of your team. The Train the Trainer model is cost and time-effective. However, since the membership investment is per agency, anyone at the agency may listen and participate in the training modules. You will have one login and password per agency.


Q: How is The Curious Leader membership delivered?

A: All trainings are delivered via private audio and video podcast. You will have access to The Curious Leader membership via our private online membership portal that will be sent to you once you subscribe. You can access this portal from your phone, tablet, or computer at any time. Dr. Faith will upload audio podcasts, videos, PDF forms, and blogs. When you become a member, the email that was used to purchase the membership will be used to gain access to the private podcast unless otherwise directed by you. 


Q: How long do I have access to the online training?

A: The monthly training will be available during the quarter of those months, so you have plenty of time to view and implement the embodied practices. For example, when episodes are released in February, you'll have until the end of March to listen and implement those practices and policies. After the quarter, you will have the option to purchase the specific training and therefore, have access to it for 180 days.


Q: When should I submit my questions for the monthly pieces of training to be answered by Dr. Faith or Jamahl Joyner?

A: All questions should be submitted to the team by the 28th of each month. Dr. Faith and/or Jamahl Joyner will answer your questions via audio or video podcast by the 30th or 31st of each month. You will receive reminders of when to send in your questions.  


Q: Does the Curious Leader membership offer CE’s for mental health professionals?

A: Not currently. However, Dr. Faith is working on applying to be a CE provider for mental health professionals in the states of Hawaii, Florida, and Georgia.


Q: May I share my login credentials with other agencies?

A: No. You do not have consent to share any work/training/consultation with other agencies. Each membership investment is per agency and the knowledge and practices Dr. Faith and Jamahl Joyner share are for the specific agency that is a qualified member and not for personal financial gain. Neither do I consent to the agency that is a member using my work/training/consultation to profit for their institutional financial gain. Please honor and respect my boundaries. Thank you for not engaging in colonial extraction by attempting to profit off my work. May you join us in integrity and right relation (some verbiage inspired by Dra. Rocio Rosales Meza ).


Q: When is The Curious Leader Retreat held in Hawaii?

A: Dr. Faith is currently planning on the retreat in Hawaii. More than likely it will be in 2023. Notification will be sent out as soon as the details are finalized.

Let's deepen our love for our communities and enhance organizational well being together!


If you have questions that require addressing feel free to complete the form below. This membership isn’t for everyone though I sincerely hope you have seen the value and the need for professional agencies to implement this as soon as possible for their organizations. The more equitable practices there are in the workplace, the less opportunity for harm in the community and negative backlash for the agency.

If you want your agency to be a part of this change there is no better time than now. Join the Curious Leader membership today and choose the courageous and aware path.

Are you ready?

We will get back with you shortly!

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