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Goddess Unleashed Retreat

A Holistic Healing Retreat for Women

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The Goddess Unleashed Retreat 

Confession time

Do you want to end generational dysfunction in your family lineage? 

Are you curious about how to pass down a legacy of emotional wellness? 


Are you tired of feeling "stuck"? 

Are you open to learning how to manage your emotional triggers? 


Are you struggling to discover your identity outside of what you do for people?

Are you finding it difficult to heal from past hurts you experienced in relationships?

Do you desire genuine connection with womxn who have similar experiences?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should know this:

It's time to join a tribe of womxn who are choosing to reclaim their power and unleash their inner Goddess! 

And during the Goddess Unleashed Retreat, you'll get the tools, resources, guidance, and support to do precisely that. At the retreat you'll spend 3 incredible days on a journey of self-discovery and healing. You'll connect and gain inspiration from other womxn who share your experiences and motivation to continue to grow on their healing journey.

You'll have a safe, comfortable space to to finally gain the confidence, clarity, and peace that was stolen from you. Oh, and ALL womxn are welcome-whether you're single, married, or still trying to figure out your relationship status. 

Over our 3 life-altering days together, you'll laugh, cry, laugh some more, and use my 4-step signature, holistic healing method to finally release the hurt that's preventing you from trusting your ability to make better decisions for yourself. You'll also learn how enduring unnecessary pain and suffering is no longer an option for your life.  

Through activities such as Somatic Experiencing group therapy, African dance healing session, breakout sessions and journaling, you'll discover how to: 

  • Recover from intergenerational, cultural betrayal, and relational trauma (*without sharing the gritty details of your story)

  • Build healthy boundaries

  • Identify red flags

  • Engage in discussions and healthy debates versus arguments

  • Spot manipulative behaviors

  • And so much MORE!

PLUS, all attendees will receive luxurious accommodations and gourmet meals prepared by a professional chef. 

Now, because of the sensitive nature of the breakthroughs and transformative conversations we'll have during the Goddess Unleashed Retreat, you'll be asked to schedule a one-on-one call interview to ensure the retreat will provide you with the life-changing experience you crave. 

Listen, you've tried it on your own for so long. Now, it's time to heal...for real. 

The only question left to ask is this:

Are you ready to begin a journey of healing and growth? 

Take the first step here: 


*At our retreat, we ask that you don't share details regarding the abuse or neglect you endured in order to protect your retreat sisters from experiencing secondary traumatic stress. The activities that we will participate in does not require sharing stories in order to heal from past abuse or neglect. You WILL experience breakthrough and transformation without sharing the details of your story! 







"The retreat was great, made great connections with other wives and learned a lot from them. Feel better about prioritizing myself and my needs and health."

"Great retreat experience. Great sisterhood connections. Ability to grow and go beyond the past and into the present!!"

"I've learned that I am not crazy for the way I think and perceive things."

"I now feel like I can safely address my issues and cope with the consequences. I can be more honest with myself and about my actions."

"I feel unburdened from the load I didn't know I was carrying! Thanks!"

"This retreat exceeded my expectations. The group sessions were just the right touch of information, reflection, and sharing. The group dynamics could not have been more cohesive"

"I know how to create boundaries. I know who I am and what I value. I can now see red flags for what they are."

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