The Healing Gathering

Heal from childhood sexual abuse

A Women's Healing

Heal from past & present Relationship Betrayals.

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Heal from Childhood Trauma 

Heal from Romantic Relationship Betrayals

Goddess Unleashed* is a retreat for women survivors of childhood trauma (emotional, verbal, physical or sexual abuse OR emotional and physical neglect). Women who experienced childhood trauma were deprived of the opportunity to develop adult coping skills. When survivors gain the appropriate care, support, and coping skills, trauma symptoms lessen and they are able to thrive in life by: managing their emotional triggers; trusting themselves and the world around them; setting and following through on their personal boundaries; and forming secure attachments in romantic relationships. We provide support in 4 areas: empowerment, trauma education, skill building, and community. This 3-day holistic retreat will be filled with rejuvenation, growth, support, and genuine transformation. 

*To limit triggers at this retreat we asked that no one gives details of their abuse experience. Discussing the abuse is not a necessity to heal from it. 





At A Woman's Healing Retreat,* you'll get the tools, resources, support, and guidance on how to heal from relationship betrayals by a previous romantic partner in the form of the 4 A's: Affair, Abuse, Addiction, & Abandonment. You'll spend 3 incredible days on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to connect with and gain inspiration from other women who have experienced relationship betrayal. 

*A Woman's Healing Retreat is open to Single, Separated, Divorced, & Widowed Women



Both retreats are facilitated by Relationship & Trauma Recovery Counselor, Faith Joyner, who specializes in couples work and trauma recovery. Our all-inclusive retreat will be complete with lavish living accommodations in a luxurious home near Lake Lanier, GA, gourmet meals prepared by a professional chef, group therapy sessions, individualized healing plans on how to move forward in your life and relationships, and Legacy Gift Bags. Can't wait to see you there!  

"The retreat was great, made great connections with other wives and learned a lot from them. Feel better about prioritizing myself and my needs and health."

"Great retreat experience. Great sisterhood connections. Ability to grow and go beyond the past and into the present!!"

"I've learned that I am not crazy for the way I think and perceive things."

"I now feel like I can safely address my issues and cope with the consequences. I can be more honest with myself and about my actions."

"I feel unburdened from the load I didn't know I was carrying! Thanks!"

"This retreat exceeded my expectations. The group sessions were just the right touch of information, reflection, and sharing. The group dynamics could not have been more cohesive"

"I know how to create boundaries. I know who I am and what I value. I can now see red flags for what they are."

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