Faith Joyner



I love to see people thrive and reach their full potential. My passion for people began in 2001 early in my career when I served in the United States Air Force, helping people get settled into their new duty station as well as getting them prepared for deployment. While in the Air Force, I traveled to several countries, including Germany where I met my wonderful husband, Jamahl, of 16 years. In Germany, I also discovered my passion as a sexual assault advocate and marriage and family therapist. 


Since then, I have received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have over 11 years of counseling experience working with individuals, couples, and families. My clients have described me as honest, trustworthy, and compassionate. I use my professional and personal experience to help people develop and cultivate healthy relationships. I accomplish this by being a consultant to government and civilian agencies, facilitating group coaching and retreats, and hosting the For Love Only: Courageous Conversations Podcast. I am also an author of the marriage-themed books, Your Tool Guide for a Happy Marriage: Practical Solutions on How to Build a Thriving Marriage and A Wife's Superpower


I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Florida. I am currently a PhD Candidate. My PhD specialization is Trauma & Disaster Relief. I am devoted to helping survivors heal from their past trauma. Any form of trauma can negatively impact people as individuals and their relationships. Lastly, I have been advocating for the justice, healing, and dignity of domestic and sexual assault survivors since 2003. 


"There are moments in life you'll find yourself feeling stuck. Stuck in a situation or stuck in a headspace that you just can't seem to shake off and move forward from. You've tried it on your own but you still can't seem to get untied. At that point you invite a good counselor to come in, like organizing a messing room, she'll start to compartmentalize every perspective you had just laying around and tripping you up. This is what Faith Joyner did for me. I was dealing with some family issues and she knew the right questions to ask and the right answers to give, her analytical skills are on point. If you're looking for a counselor or someone to talk to that could help you move forward in life she is your lady. I know she could do for you what she did for me. Check her out today!"

"Counseling with Faith was monumental in my life. She transformed my thinking and helped me with perspective. When I first started seeing Faith not only was she patient and professional, but it was evident that she actually cared; she cared about my privacy, feelings, dignity, and well-being! She was able to relate to me on a variety of levels and really dug into root issues that have since aided in the advancement of my life. She gave me practical tools on how to cope and assisted in skill development so I could become a stronger, better, person! I will tell anyone, they'll never find anyone that will meet them exactly where they are while simultaneously healing problem areas!"

"Faith Joyner is an exceptional Counselor. She is really good with setting the atmosphere and making each individual feel so comfortable as if they're talking to an old friend. She is definitely someone I can confide in and I'm glad that she also knows how to be professional. I have discovered so much about myself and how to properly handle life situations. I recommend all of my friends to her when they're having marital problems or when they just need someone to help them figure things out. She is gifted in helping you pull information out of you that you didn't even know existed. I guarantee you will see results in your life after seeing her."

"It normally takes a while for me to open up and trust people. However, even in my first session with Faith, I found myself opening up to her on a comfort level of a long-time, trusted friend. She helped to reveal and bring awareness to the “why’s” of my behavior in a gentle, caring and loving manner. She genuinely cares and has the wisdom and experience to help me see through the dysfunctions and guide me through the deliverance and breakthroughs. I was dealing with a lot of insecurities and perceived it to be normal behavior as a woman. She helped me get to the root of where the insecurities stem from and help me to understand that it’s not normal to be insecure. My confidence was restored and I felt free from the shackles of insecurities. Her therapeutic methods are comforting and supportive."

"Faith! Just wanted to say thank you so much!!! My session with you was probably the best gift I've ever gotten myself!! Your advice was so're heaven sent!!! You pulled answers out of me that I didn't even know I had! You've helped me find resolutions to so many problems I've had with myself that have made my bond with my husband stronger! I'm so thankful for you!"

"Faith helped me and my wife. Now our marriage is better than ever. She's very helpful and has helped me learn a lot during counseling. She didn't take anyone's side like I was anticipating. I'd most definitely recommend her service!"

"I referred a friend of mine to Faith for counseling. My friend had talked openly with me about being in therapy for years. She was struggling with an issue from her past that she had not talked to her current therapist about. I suggested that she go talk to Faith about that particular issue. Every time I would see my friend after that, she would rave about how amazing Faith was and how much she loved her as a therapist. I felt she was genuinely touched by her sessions with Faith and that they made a huge positive impact on her life. I am confident when referring someone to Faith that she will take excellent care of them."

"Yesterday I was offered an opportunity that would make me go back on my desires and passions and the whole reason why I quit! And fear told me to take it because I'm afraid that I wouldn't be as successful if I didn't take the opportunity. And I heard your voice say "what are you afraid of" ! I quickly declined the opportunity and woke up this morning grateful that I did!! Thank you... thank you for simply pouring into women and sharing your story.. thank you for unapologetically holding us accountable! Thank you for being you!"

"If you are broken and feel as if all hope is gone than Faith Joyner's counseling is for you.  I literally use her as my last hope before committing suicide.  Yes, I said, "suicide". I thought there was no more hope for me being a person who has literally experienced abuse in her marriage for over 10 years and never had an outlet.  The situation was like putting on a dress and never being able to take it off.  I had no outlet to go to and I simply wanted to know am I going mentally insane for my husband cheating with other women.  I blamed myself for it all and could not figure out why I caused him to do such acts.  Through counseling Faith provided me a safe place to speak freely, I was listened to and heard.  But, most importantly solutions were given to layers of hurt/abuse and now I am confident in knowing my worth.  I now know that I am somebody and suicide is not the way out.  I highly recommend Faith Joyner as a counselor to whatever solution you may be going through, because she saved me from my own ledge to end it all."

"I experienced an extremely severe personal crisis in my life. I was devastated and felt alone. I had tried to talk to a few other people about the issue and felt like no one was really able to see my point of view and empathize with me at my current level of pain. I felt like most other people that I would talk to would try to “fix me” and show me what I could have done differently. I was starting to feel misunderstood and even question myself if any of my points of view were right or not. I talked to Faith about the issue and felt like she was the first person who could really see my point of view. She verified that I had indeed suffered a severe crisis in my life. It gave me the freedom to stop questioning myself. She validated my pain and gave me the freedom to mourn without any guilt. It was a very pivotal moment in my healing process. I feel that she is truly empathetic to other’s pain and it comes across in her sincerity when talking to her. I highly recommend Faith."

"Your ministry SAVED MY MARRIAGE! On those days I wanted to run (because that’s what I DID) when things were just too much, there came my sis...Faith...reading me for FILTH!  Your IG Live sessions and daily posts would get me right on together - just when I needed it."

"Just want to say you are amazing! I follow so many of your pointers and it's amazing how our husbands will open up once we begin focusing on ourselves and creating a safe space for them to share their heart. You have to do the work, be patient, and allow the changes to organically happen. It's not a quick fix and it won't happen overnight, but with time you will see the growth in your marriage."

"My husband and I wasn't sure about marriage counseling but Faith made it so easy. She is so real and makes both parties feel understood. If you are looking for someone to be honest and open and have your families best interest at heart, I would so tell you to see her. We have her to thank for saving our marriage."