As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I know all too well about the anxiety, confusion, and anger caused by trauma. The trauma I experienced affected my self-esteem, my mental and physical health, my romantic relationships and my familial relationships. I wore many masks to hide the fact that my life was unraveling. 


After ending my first marriage, I started my own healing journey from past trauma. I discovered how to create the authentic, peaceful, and blissful life that was stolen from me. I gave myself permission to love and be loved by my husband of now 15 years, Jamahl. I recovered from PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Panic Disorder. Lastly, I stop wearing masks. I didn't need them anymore. I’ve counseled and coached thousands of trauma survivors for over 11 years. My clients learn how to think for themselves, follow through on their boundaries, restore their self-esteem & self-confidence, and have thriving relationships.


My online and live events help survivors unapologetically create the lives they deserve. Not only do they experience healing for themselves but they also learn how to end generational trauma. I offer online course, live webinars and live retreats for women who have suffered from any form of trauma or relationship betrayal. 


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The counseling services provided by Faith have been life changing for me. I have a background in psychology and I have seen therapists in the past, but Faith's approach is different in the sense that I am able to connect with her (she is easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor), I feel comfortable being completely open and honest during sessions (she is able to build rapport quickly), and most importantly she challenges me (she provides "assignments" or things to work on after the session). I am a survivor of sexual assault and for many years I blamed myself for things that happened to me in my past. I did not release that blame until I started sessions with Faith because she told me point blank, "It's NOT your fault!" I also used to be a very passive or passive-aggressive communicator and didn't even realize it until she brought it to my attention. She helped me identify when I lost my voice and provided me tools and assignments to help me become an assertive communicator. If growth is important to you then trust me when I say that the services provided by Faith will change your life for the better.

Faith has been really valuable with my journey of healing and self-care. Not only does she challenge me to think for myself, she gives me scenarios that I do not normally think for further reflection. She also provides me with homework and tools that would help me once I leave her care. She genuinely cares about me as a woman—aside from all of the expectations of being wife, mother, and daughter.

..I wanted to just let you know that I met someone and I really really really liked him a whole bunch and I thought oh my gosh I have met the man of my dreams and then I saw two of those red flags that I learned about with you and hit the road! And I did spend about three weeks crying and heartbroken. So I just want to say thank you I still haven't forgotten what you taught me...